Principal's Message

Welcome to another exciting year at Pat Hardy Primary School.

For those who are new, we are happy that you have joined the Pat Hardy Primary School Family.  For those returning we are excited to see you back.  We will have a great deal of fun as we progress through this year. 

Our year will be packed with spirit days, hot lunches, fun activities for the whole family, concerts, live performances, music and gym classes and of course learning to read, write, and understand numbers.  Students will discover and learn through play.

You will have a chance to meet and interact with our Facility Service Dog, Sage.  She will be connecting with students on a regular basis, to support and provide students with confidence to read, to help those students that require help calming down and for everyone to enjoy. Our school is very proud to be given this opportunity.

Pat Hardy Primary School has three objectives that we strive to meet.

1.  Students at PHPS will learn and understand the foundational concepts of reading and writing.  They will foster a love of reading and an appreciation of the spoken and written word.  ~Literacy~

2.  Students at PHPS will understand and develop a number sense and recognize how numbers are applicable in their daily lives. ~Numeracy~

3.  Students at PHPS will learn an awareness of respect of self and others, and the environment within which they live and learn. ~Kindness~

We look forward to a great year of learning and encourage all parents to volunteer or visit.