Daily Schedule

Please note: Our morning supervision begins at 8:30 am. Do not drop children off at the school before that time as there are no supervisors out on duty. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated! 

8:55 am  -  Classes Begin 

10:20 am-10:33 am -  Morning Recess A
10:37 am-10:50 am - Morning Recess B  

11:50 am-12:30 pm  -   Lunch

Please note: Half the school eats from 11:50 am-12:08 pm while the other half is outside, then they go outside from 12:12 pm-12:30 pm while the other half eats.

1:30 pm-1:43 pm -  Afternoon Recess A
1:47 pm-2:00 pm - Afternoon Recess B    

3:15 pm    -   Dismissal